30 Videos To Profits  


(8 Week Exclusive Group Coaching)


   STARTS: 9.14.20 - 9.20.20  


  • Every day in your business feels like spinning plates, juggling balls and rubbing a Buddha’s belly for good business luck - at the same time

  • You want a SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT Content Marketing Strategy that ATTRACTS your Ideal Customers

  • You feel unfocused, splitting your time and effort on so many things and want to simplify your marketing without sacrificing it's effectiveness

  • You would give up your favorite dessert forever for the sweet relief of someone handing you a business blueprint proven to achieve the results you’ve always wanted - without you having to spend a ton of time or money

Building a Business Can Suck The Life Outta You... (Zombie Mode)
Get Off The Content Merry Go Round and 
Leverage a SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE Marketing Method That Spans Across All Your Platforms!
(It'll Be a Breath of Fresh Air!)

VIDEO DOESN'T have to be TIME CONSUMING or expensive...and it actually WORKS BETTER when it isn’t.

People are starving for REAL PEOPLE - NOT sleek logos/designs! You actually get BETTER RESULTS the more AUTHENTIC you appear. 

Once you are done, you will be EMPOWERED with an Effective Lead Generating Method.

And it takes literally a 1/4 OF THE TIME you are spending now.

Everyone in the 7 Day Powerfully Simple Video Challenge will leave with a SIMPLE STRATEGY they can always lean on that requires ZERO extra money.


  • Your SMARTPHONE (w/ high quality resolution & storage space)

  • As little as 15 mins per task a day

(I'll Show You How SIMPLE It Really Is - Step by Step!)


I'm Evy


A mom, 3x entrepreneur and recovering shiny object syndrome sufferer.

Watch my Video to learn how short form video saved my health, bank account and can save yours too!

Can't wait to hear about your RESULTS!
Here's to keeping work and life SIMPLE.
P.S - Short Form Video Examples at The Bottom of Page =)


  • An EFFECTIVE arketing method that you can easily implement within your busy schedule until the end of time. And it takes literally a 1/4 OF THE TIME you are spending now...

  • New Leads as early as next week from the Arsenal of Powerful Short Form Videos we'll create in the challenge...

  • The relief of knowing you have a STRUCTURE and STRATEGY you can use over and over again to generate leads on demand and eliminate the stress and uncertainty around roller coaster income

Professional copywriting scripts aren’t necessary either because your customers aren’t going to spend money with you because of your fancy marketing message… they spend money with you when you provide them with VALUE and RESULTS. 

You get MORE BUSINESS the more you FOCUS on simply keeping it about your audience - which you’ll discover is so much easier anyway!

And - even though this challenge is free - I’m giving you EVERYTHING you need - nothing is left out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Business Model Is This Meant For?

I work with Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners but this strategy works for any business model

How Is This Challenge Different From Other Similar Challenges?

I show you ONE Marketing Method using Short Form Videos with my Framework step by step to structure and design diverse approaches that focuses on generating quality leads. This is the ultimate antidote for those on the creating content merry go round. When implemented, this will be a strategy you can use to generate new leads across all your social platforms.

Do I Need Professional Video/Filming Equipment?

All you need is your SMARTPHONE

How Much Time Will I Be Spending On The Daily Tasks?

As little as 15mins a day

What About The Editing/Apps?

No need to edit! I’ll show you how to shoot powerful short videos (20-60 seconds) that get results If you want to add pizazz, I will still show you some small tweaks for those who are interested but it’s not necessary

I Am Not A Tech Savvy Person - Will This Work For Me?

Can you use a phone and post on social media? Then this will work for you!

What Happens After The Challenge?

You will have an arsenal of short form videos to generate leads and a simple strategy/framework to make more whenever you need with only your phone and one hour

No One Cares

About Your Logo

Why Long Form Posts

Are Killing Your Business

Why Webinars

Don't Work 

(In Beginning of Sales/Marketing Process)

Short vs Long

Form Videos

(Which one is right for you?)