Hi! I'm Evy.

I am happy you are here!
"I am dedicated to helping you
grow your business with Modern video". 
What the heck does "modern video" mean
and how will this help you grow in your business?
Modern Video is basically "Trailers To Your Offers" a sexy way of saying Social Media Video Content. Ha ha... 
"Short Form Video Strategy"
My unique approach with modern video is a combination of proven marketing/copywriting principles and modern day branding techniques that are innovative and relevant to create a growth strategy for your business.  With or without paid ads.
60 Second Short Form Video Content Strategy Using Your Phone
No, not click bait! Short form video content that is relevant, interesting, proposes a solution and inspires action within your audience to want to learn more from you;  watch a longer video, register for a webinar,  watch your presentation click on an offer, get on a call with you, work with you, buy a product from you, etc...
A simple yet effective attraction marketing/lead generation strategy, while also building your brand/credibility.
Are you diggin' my flow here?


 Did you know, according to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of six seconds?
That's cray cray! 
That is realty and why I am a huge advocate and ambassador of the modern video approach with "short form videos" as a simple yet effective growth strategy for solopreneurs and small business owners
  • Short Form Video Content Strategy
  • Repurpose and Repackage Content
  • Innovation

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How Did I Get Into The Online Marketing Space?

(The Highlight)

The 2009 crash became one of my greatest downfall in which I re-directed my career path into the medical arena for "job security". In 2013, I walked away from a reputable position in healthcare,

having worked with the most brilliant respected Physicians in California to be a stay at home mommy as well as pursue my passion and build the business of my dreams online. Even when my circumstances sucked, I learned how to build a real and stable business (incorporating video in my business marketing). After a decade later, that's what I do, I help solopreneurs and small business owners achieve more in their business with modern video.


Like many of you reading this right now, I started out on the “traditional life path”. 

I got married and had two beautiful girls, who always come first in my life. 

Working within the Criminal Justice field, Healthcare and on the other side of the spectrum, the Restaurant industry for a combination of 20+ years, have equipped me with invaluable skill sets and experience.

All that kept me on my toes! I am grateful!


Achieving a couple steps up the ladder, 

I still felt unfulfilled and the everyday mundane routine was draining my soul.

I was in constant search of my purpose in life and what aligned with my core values/desires. 

I was on a mission to reveal my calling in life and to unlock my true potential.



During this time frame, I started exploring the world of business, which is when I first discovered MLM in 2007.

Through the years of building several MLM network marketing businesses, I became exhausted using “traditional old school marketing methods”.  

I knew there had to be marketing methods that were effective and efficient.


And so I set sail to learn from true industry experts who have built successful businesses on the internet and to model their success through their proven marketing systems.

 I immersed myself in personal development and began studying "true" top experts.

I became obsessed learning and implementing diverse strategies within online marketing.

It was during this self discovery, learning and implementation phase that I had an epiphany about modern video content in alignment with attraction marketing
This is when the light bulb, aha moments and my passion for video came to life. 
Since this time, I have ventured in a number of different businesses and business models as well as partnered with top true experts/entrepreneurs. 

From building several MLM businesses and reaching one of the top ranks as Triple Diamond in one of my companies…


To affiliate marketing…


To social retail e-commerce…


And taking up social media gigs...

Some of those ventures were more successful than others, but the one thing that they had in common-
the one thing that all businesses have in common is the certainty of change as we evolve and how important and relevant it is to market like modern businesses, specifically, with video!   
Since then, I've revised my methodology (framework) in my video content approach to adapt to the changes in digital marketing today, which I implement in my business as a growth strategy; attraction marketing/lead gen and brand building.
My business model of choice: digital info products/services (online education).

Today, that’s what I do,

 I help solopreneurs and small business owners create + design an arsenal of powerful short form videos as an effective and efficient lead generating tool and a growth strategy for their businesses.

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